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In this site, I will share with you the PTC programs that I continuously earn money from. The PTC sites that I recommend have to possess all of these characteristics:

  • Established - at least 1.5 years online
  • On time payment - most of the sites I recommend pay within 24 hours. So you can have a peace of mind that your money will arrive shortly after you request.
  • Reasonable rented referral average - I do not like the site with too high referral average because that hurts the stability of the site and those sites will never survive after one year. So, I only recommend the site with good rented referral average that you can profit from and you can make a nice return on investment in a reasonable time

I will also share with you tips and strategies that I found to be highly effective for me. In addition, if you love to invest on legit PTC sites, I have layout some investment guidelines for you to follow. This is only my rough idea. You may want to alter it, for example, to extend RR for long term, to maximize your profit.

I hope you enjoy my site.

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Welcome to my site! I am Kevinmuic. Some of you might already knew me. I have been working on paid-to-click websites since 2009. During the past six years of working online, I have been scammed many times and I have learned many lessons from my mistake. A few years ago, I have recovered all my lost and earn a healthy living on only a few established and paying sites.

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